PetKit Pura-Air Odour Eliminator

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The Pura-air smart odour remover brings fresh air back to your home!


The Pura-air smart odour remover brings fresh air back to your home. Pura-air odour remover from PetKit uses intelligent technology to remove odours from your home that come as a result of owning a pet. Specifically engineered with cat litter trays in mind, the Pura Air controls the odour from the source, removes it from the air and removes any airborne bacteria. Not only does it remove smells, it brings a clean living space back to you and your pets. Proactive jet-airflow designed to remove odour Pura-air has two modes, both of which use the intelligent jet-airflow to remove odour. The Inductive Mode removes odour automatically when pets approach, and the intermittent mode runs automatically every six hours to continuously keep air fresh. Fully refreshed air back into the atmosphere the solid air freshener built into. Pura Air uses natural ingredients extracted from plants, creating a safe and non-toxic method of cleansing the air. The natural ingredients not only remove odour and refresh air as well as removing bacteria and odour molecules such as nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide. Efficient air purification using scientific technology using a built-in negative ion generator located in the base of the Pura-Air, airborne virus and bacteria molecules are absorbed and removed from the air. It also attracts dust and ash to remove these from the air ensuring that the environment is clean and healthy.Shop all PETKIT pet technology products for cats and dogs

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