PetKit Eversweet Travel One-Touch No-Spill Pet Bottle

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PetKit Eversweet Travel One-Touch No-Spill Pet Water Bottle for Dogs and Cats! Reddot design award winner 2017. Buy PetKit products exclusive at Ltd / +44(0)1473-22-11-64. Order now 5% off 1st order use code: PETTECH5 expires:


PETKIT Eversweet Travel One-Touch No-Spill Pet Water Bottle is specifically designed to keep your pet dog hydrated and healthy on the go. With a built in carbon filter and easy one-click water release system this is the perfect companion for long walks and travelling with your dog. The drinking dispenser is made using BioCleanAct TM material to inhibit bacteria growth. Carbon filter helps to purify the water, removing impurities and chlorine, ensuring that fresh clean water is always served to your pet. PETKIT Eversweet Travel One-Touch No-Spill Pet Water bottle features top innovative design and intelligent water shortage dispenser. Non-Spill ensuring product will never spill in your bag guaranteed! Triple filter and water circulation system so your pet will always get fresh water and you will be reminded to refill with water and replace the filters when necessary. It’s a good choice for those who care more about their pet’s drinking problem and enhance a much healthier life and well being to your beloved pet. Colour: grey. Size: 27.1cm 6.5cm 6.5cm. Weight: 157g. Capacity: 400ml.

PetKit Eversweet Travel One-Touch Pet Water Bottle Reddot design award winner.Shop all PETKIT pet technology products for cats and dogs


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