PetKit Everclean Paw Cleaner


PetKit Portable Dog Paw Cleaner single hand grip easy to use. Design is based on the physiological structure of the paw. Dogs will love it because it never hurts their claws the lid can drain excess water when taking the paw out after cleaning, and also prevent water from overflowing when washing. Made with finest quality silicone, offering a more gentle touch. Size: Small 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 12.6cm Paw dimension: 20.5cm. Size: Medium 10.5cm x 10.55cm x 15.05cm Paw dimension: 23.5cm.


PetKit Cleaner Paws for a Happier, Better life PetKit Everclean Paw cleaner and massaging brush provides a deep cleaning tool to remove dirt and dust from your pets paws. Designed with pets in mind, the Everclean Paw ensures that no matter how active your pet is and no matter where they can keep mess away from your home easily. PetKit paw cleaner comes with massaging bristles and has been designed with the physical structure of a dogs paw in mind, to ensure that the experience is just as pleasant for your dog as yourself.

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