PetKit Go Shine Retractable Lead

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Petkit Go Shine Retractable Lead walk your dog in style with the Petkit Go Shine LED Retractable Leash. With its multi-coloured rings of light and fantastic headlamp style light giving you greater visibility on your night time walks, you really won’t go unnoticed in the park. It also has an extra-strong cable and a semi-automatic lock function which makes it a good option for dogs that like to pull on the leash is not only for protection. Go shine will open a new colourful dog walking world with you. With it, dog walking will be a fashion show at night. The special dancer in your hand with double streamer rings, become the focus at night.
Petkit Go Shine Retractable Lead also has a headlamp spotlight with up to 5m of illumination that adds safety to your walk. The telescopic structure is hard but smooth, so one touch reset can be easily controlled. It featues a Patent semi-automatic lock gives you reassurance in emergency situations. Has Inductive touch to turn on lighting. With just one touch you can choose your favourite colour. Separate magnetic charging base makes it easy to charge.
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