PetKit Eversweet Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters


PETKIT FILTER 2.0 X5 pack is designed for both PETKIT EVERSWEET Water Fountain 1 & 2. If you have EVERSWEET WATER FOUNTAIN 1, please do not forget to purchase the NEW TRAY together. This NEW TRAY is required for EVERSWEET 1 fountain users to fit PETKIT FILTER 2 with your PETKIT fountain. Only with the NEW TRAY, FILTER 2.0 could match the FOUNTAIN 1.0. Stronger Filtration Function: with Double Filter Components and High Density Micropore Filter Pulp, PETKIT FILTER 2.0 filters pet drop hair and other impurities in the water, protect them far away from urinary system diseases more effectively. Attention: before changing, soking the new filter for 2 minutes into water for activating the resin. And press the black RESET button for 5 seconds on the bottom of fountain, otherwise the filter light blinks always after you replacing the filter. Normally, the filter should be replaced every 3 months under the SMART MODE and 1 month in NORMAL MODE. The indicator will turn ORANGE when the filter needs to be replaced


PETKIT Eversweet Drinking Fountain Replaceable Filters (X5) replacement filters designed and manufactured for G1 and G2 PETKIT Eversweet Drinking Fountains.
PETKIT Eversweet drinking fountain replaceable filters last for around 3 months and help to provide your pet with fresh flowing water, keeping them hydrated throughout the day and night.
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