PitPat 2 Dog Activity Monitor Fitness Tracker


Shop PitPat 2 “FitBit” designed for dogs! Tracks your dogs health, activity, rest and overall well-being statistics on PitPat Free smartphone app download

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PitPat 2 Dog Activity Monitor fitness, exercise and play are great ways to keep your dog happy and healthy. PitPat 2 the latest version of the award-winning PitPat activity monitor – uses the latest technology to help you enjoy looking after your dog. It’s like a smart watch but for your dog. PitPat weighs just 16g and fits quickly and securely to your dog’s collar, and can be easily removed if not required.
PitPat simple-to-use app gives you a customised exercise recommendation just for your dog (over 200 breeds). Check your stats every day to see how much walking, running, playing, resting and pottering your dog has been doing and how many calories they’ve burnt. See if you can reach your goal. Even check up on dog walkers or kennels and find out what your dog has done when you weren’t together.No subscription Free app and no need to charge the battery up to 1 year battery life. Just 100% fun and games. Compatible with almost all Apple and Android smart


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