PetKit Fresh Smart Antibacterial Pet Bowl


PetKit Smart Antibacterial fresh 1.7l 750g metal bowl weighs your dogs and cats food giving you meal intake statistics on your smartphone using the PetKit app

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Dogs and cats can easily get incorrect daily feeding intake leading to underweight or overweight and the associated health risks. Unlike humans, however, a dog will not come up with the idea of holding a diet as it eats as much as he can when he has the opportunity to do so. It is therefore the task of the Lord or woman to determine the amount of feed of the four-legged friend. However, this is not so easy, as the optimal amount of feed depends on many factors, such as the weight, age and breed of the dog and the type of feed. The innovative Fresh Metal feeding bowl and associated Petkit app allow you to create an accurate nutrition profile of your pet with all relevant factors. The integrated scales that can be measured in grams, as well as in millilitres (international pounds and ounces possible) make it easy to fill the right amount of dog food in the bowl. The dog bowl consists of an outer part, half in elegant white or dark wood look, and a removable stainless steel bowl inside. The bowl holds approx. 1.7L liquid equivalent to 750g dog food and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Product dimensions: 27cmx11.3cm.PetKit fresh metal large smart anti-bacterial bowl features a built-in digital Scale which tracks the weight of food in both lbs. pounds and kg. Before pouring your pet’s food simply install or download the pet kit application and select the fresh sub-application. Next, select your dog or cat brand of food (if not available input your brand of food and food information) and input the amount of weight in grams or pounds and you’re ready to track the amount of calories consumed.The fresh metal version features a removable inner metallic bowl that can easily be placed right in the dishwasher. Additionally the fresh metal features an anti-microbial bio clean act outer shell which automatically helps eliminate a large majority of bad bacteria and germs found in all cat and dog foods on contact such as e-coli. Additionally the fresh metal features 4 skid proof rubberised grips at the bottom for proper gripping and comes with an included screw driver for battery screw fastening. The fresh also features an ergonomically contoured inclination tilted design for less reach-over by the neck area. The fresh metal is entirely waterproofed and is recommended to solely be washed under the sink or running water and cleaned with a towel and is not dishwasher safe. When you purchase this device with the pet kit P2 activity tracking device users can automatically View their pet kit fresh metal consumption data directly onto the fit application as well in both monitoring calories consumed and calories expended. 2 – AAA batteries included for a 2 year battery life. This product comes with a 1 year warranty. The pet kit P2 activity monitor device is sold separately. Available in multiple patterns and colours.
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