Petkit Fresh Nano Adjustable Feeding Bowl


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The Petkit Fresh Nano Single Adjustable Feeding Bowl encourages healthier eating habits and supports their digestion.


The Petkit Fresh Nano Single Adjustable Feeding Bowl is a feeding bowl makes every meal enjoyable for each cat face width and curves of various cats inclination angles and the shape of bowl to make most cats have an easy feeding. The PetKit Fresh Nano Bowl helps cats develop healthier eating habits. matching revolving fixture connects the holder and the bowl bottom. Align the notch and spin the bowl to fix it over the hold. The ingenious notch design allows two inclination angles. Pet parents may easily set the bowl at 0 or 15 degree as required, creating comfortable angles for cats to eat. Cats are lying down in their bowls to eat, bringing pressure to cervical spine. height also helps secure healthy body and easy eating.The detachable design pet parents may wash the bowl and the holder separately. Unlike glass, PC material is durable and shatter-proof. The bowl is smooth and seamless leaving itself free from residuals and easy for washing. A beautiful modern design with a large holder increases friction to prevent relocating or overflow. Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 8.7 x 3.5 inch.Shop all PETKIT pet technology products for cats and dogs

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