PetKit Element Mini Smart Pet Feeder


PetKit Element Mini automatic pet food dispenser includes a full-sealing smart feeder 2.8L capacity with long-range remote activation. Show your pets love anytime, anywhere! Control your pets daily intake via free smartphone app!
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Working like a pet sitter the PetKit Element Mini Smart 2.8L Pet Feeder you will be able to feed your cat or puppy from anywhere and at anytime. Remotely set times to feed your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly. Best auto pet feeder for dogs and cats. Requires a wireless router 2.4GHz. Anti-sticking technology PetKit has created a self-adapting system with an oscillating bar, spring check-board and silicone impeller. This system helps prevent jams, so food does not get stuck. The feeder accepts all shapes and sizes of food less than 12mm. Remote App contoll easily control both your pet’s feeding time and amount from anywhere using your Apple or Android smartphone. You can even use the PETKIT App to upload your pet’s breed, age, weight, activity level and recommend personalised meal portion.Healthy scheduled feeding PetKit takes the hassle out of tending to your pet’s dietary health & well-being. Simply program the meal times and portions, the smart feeder takes over the chore. Up to 10 times per day, from one to twenty 5g portions each feeding (5g-100g). Once you input your meal settings, the feeder will work for you continuously every day even if your Wi-Fi connection is lost or the feeder is offline. Want more control? Use the manual button to feed your pets anytime PetKit believes this technique makes life better, so we introduced an intelligent concept into pet’s supplies. Ten high-precision sensors to create safer and more complete system offering your pets a healthier and enhanced way of feeding!Shop all PETKIT pet technology products for cats and dogs!


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