Bionic Rubber Stuffer

£19.99 £14.99

Bionic Rubber Is A Revolutionary Material That Can Withstand The Aggressive Play Patterns Of Most Pets. Bionic Products Have Been Tested In Rescue Shelters And Day Cares Around The U.S. For Years. By Making And Destroying Countless Samples, We Know Bionic Rubber Can Hold Up To The Most Aggressive Chewers. Our Stuffer Toy Features Two Different Sizes Of Hole Openings Allowing You To Control How Difficult It Is For Your Dog To Get Kibble Out. For Easy Play, Insert Smaller Kibble Into The Holes Or Coin-Purse Area. When Your Dog Masters The Concept, You Can Make The Toy More Difficult By Inserting Larger Kibble That Can Only Exit Through The Large Hole.



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