Weenect Dogs 2 GPS Tracker

Weenect Dogs GPS 2 Tracker locates your dog tracks live in real-time learn on and off the lead activity history stats. Phone canine from your smartphone! Pet will hear owners recall instructions when you make voice-calls to your dog! Download Weenect app. Never loose your dog again! Keep safe of mind with Weenect Dogs 2 tracking device find your dog on smartphone App subscription required to use GPS device and App.
Weenect Dogs 2 GPS Tracker follows your dog from your phone with Weenect Dogs GPS you will always know where your dog is, thanks to its free mobile app. Its GPS locator transmits its live position (every 30 seconds) at any distance. You’ll only need a few seconds to find your dog when it runs away. Your dog has a tendency to walk away when you take him out? Locate your dog quickly and safe with Weenect Dogs 2 GPS tracker. Your phone will take you to your dog, using the Map, Compass or Radar features. Get notified by the GPS smartphone app whenever your dog tries to flee. The anti-runaway app allows you to get a real-time notification on your phone when your dogs goes out of the delimited area. You know its precise GPS location and can react rapidly. An unlimited number of security areas can be set up.
World’s first mobile phone for dogs Weenect Dogs 2 GPS Tracker Trains your dog to come back on its own, with the GPS collar. Latest Weenect Dogs GPS 2 are equipped with a ringer and a vibrator. Use them to notice your dog that it’s time to eat, therefore creating a link between the ring/vibration and meal time. You’ll soon be able to call your dog back only by using the app.GPS tracking Weenect Dogs 2 is a GPS locator for dogs, whose movements are tracked directly from a mobile app. It works over any distance. Runaway alert Use the map, compass, augmented reality and itinerary functions to find your dog when it strays too far during a family outing. If your dog runs off, an alert is sent directly to your ‘phone and you can act quickly. Activity tracking The tracker records your dog’s daily activity and provides a daily sleep and exercise time report.
Weenect Dogs 2 GPS £99.99. – £74.99. ORDER NOW!
Weenect Dogs 2 GPS is totally waterproof and easy to fasten to any collar, thanks to its protection case. Training You can train your dog to come back on its own thanks to the vibrator feature. You just have to set the vibrator off before every meal, inducing a link between the two events in your dog’s brain. Therefore, you’ll only need one click to call your dog back at dinner time. If it is not enough, you can always give it a voice call.Weenect Dogs 2 is also the world’s first mobile phone for dogs. Low battery alert the locator can function for a week without being charged. A low-battery signal is sent to avoid nasty surprises. Inside the box The box contains a Weenect Dogs 2 GPS locator, a USB cable, a charging cradle and a silicon casing that can be attached to all collars. Please note: subscription fee required to use GPS device from £3.50 a month The locator obtains its GPS position via satellite and then sends it to our services via the 2G telephone network. It is fitted with a SIM card (included) which explains why it works with a subscription. Choose your subscription when registering the locator choose between three subscriptions: Freedom (no commitment): £7.90/month; One year: £60 (i.e. £5/month) Two years: £85 (i.e. £3.50/month). Your mobile operator has no impact on the operation of the locator.Compatibility Apple iOS 7.0 or later Android 4.1 or later Web app for computer and smartphone Battery 550 mA/H; 4 days Size and Weight 58 x 23 x 10mm / 1.96×0.78×0.39inch25g / 0.88oz Connectivity SIM card included with the product GPRS 900 / 1800 MHz.PetTech.co.uk
Lux award winner 2018 Weenect Pet GPS best pet technology product.
Weenect Dogs 2 GPS £99.99. – £74.99. ORDER NOW!