SureFlap Hub

£59.99 £49.99

SureFlap Hub connect Sure Petcare download Free smartphone app please note: hub only connects to products SureFlap microchip dual-scan cat flap / SureFlap microchip pet door. Buy now exclusive at / +44(0)1473-22-11-64 – 5% off code: PETTECHUK5 expires: 31.11.18.


SureFlap Hub connect links up between your Connect SureFlap products download Sure Petcare Free smartphone app enabling you to control SureFlap Connect products using the Sure Petcare app. Includes mains adaptor and ethernet cable. Please note: hub only compatible with: SureFlap microchip dual-scan cat flap/ SureFlap microchip pet door products. Hub is not compatible with product SureFlap microchip cat flap. Hub only connects to the dual-scan cat flap and microchip pet door.


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