Petpointer Pet GPS Tracker

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Petpointer Pet GPS Tracker is the smallest of its kind and can be attached to any pet-collar. A surface area of just 14 square centimetres ensures your pet enjoys full freedom of movement. The Petpointer is constructed from a particularly high quality, robust and waterproof (IP67) plastic making it completely safe to use outdoors. A battery-life of 3-5 days can be expected with a transmission frequency of once per hour.

Petpointer GPS developed in Switzerland, Petpointer is a GPS tracker combining state-of-the-art positioning technology with Swisscom’s cutting-edge communications to create a unique product that provides peace of mind for every cat- and dog-owner 24/7. Petpointer GPS and LBS localisation technology in the Petpointer makes it possible to pinpoint the location of your pet down to a few metres. This location is then transmitted to your smartphone, tablet or PC in over 220 countries worldwide.PetPointer sends position data over the mobile network. For this a monthly service fee is payable, which we have to pay to the network operator. But for you we have made it quite simple. You simply book your credit in advance by credit card and already PetPointer works reliably for you and your loved one. No contract everything is very simple! The service fee is £6.00 per month for 6 months or £5.00 for 12 months or £3.00 per month for 24 months.


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