PetKit Go Smart Bluetooth Pet Leash

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Buy PetKit Go Smart Pet Leash track you and your pets dog-walk connect to your smartphone via bluetooth. LED light up innovative modern design. Lead handle will notify you when incoming notifications messages phone calls are being received! Download PetKit App Free! Shop all PetKit products for cats and dogs! 5% off code: PETTECH5 expires: 31.01.19. email:


PetKit Go Smart pet lead designed for dogs & also cats this 1st of its kind innovative Bluetooth smart connected tracking lead. New modern appeal, interchangeable, highly functional, receive phone call notification, comfortable handle contains both smart features and the LED lighting system.Plan your daily dog-walking time simply by connecting your PETKIT App on your cellphone to PetKit GO via Bluetooth and choosing the dog walking mode.Even in darkness, GO will bring more security to you. Circular lamp band ensures that you’re visible at night. You can enable this function through the APP. Equipped with LED, you’ll have no worry when walking your dog in anywhere with low light. illumination at night or a dark location while walking your dogs.You can plan your daily dog-walking time simply by connecting your PETKIT App on your smartphone to PETKIT GO via bluetooth and choosing the dog walking mode.PETKIT App will automatically record your walking path. It would be a precious memory between you and your pets. You can also share it with other friends.Shop all PETKIT pet technology products for cats and dogs


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