Eyenimal Pet GPS Data Recorder

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Eyenimal GPS data tracker records all the movement data of your pet and saves that data as file that can be transferred to your computer for viewing on a map. It records geographic coordinates, velocity, date and time information. Eyenimal Pet Data Recorder is the best way to record the training practice and learning progress of your dog, and is a great way to find out what your cat is up to while you are not around. Technical features: Suitable for both cats and dogs. Recording interval: every 10 seconds. Recording type: GPS file (GPX format) GPS receiver is accurate within 5 meters. Internal memory: 128 MB – 100-300 journeys. Shower proof. Built-in rechargeable battery. Operating time: 8 hours in active mode, 48 hours in standby. Ultra-lightweight – Only 12 g. Dimensions 45 x 25 x 15 mm. Shop All Eyenimal Pet Technology products designed for your Cats &


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