Cat-Life Cat Collar

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CAT-LIFE® Anti-Strangling Collar for Cats!


CAT-LIFE®, anti-strangling collar for Cats the CAT-LIFE® clasp Designed entirely in Switzerland, the CAT-LIFE® cat collar clasp take into account that the cat likes to walk everywhere and that he is likely to hang his collar somewhere. The risks are great: accident, strangulation, serious injury. A safety clasp must be able to open at the right time, and it depends on the weight of the animal. The clasp CAT-LIFE ® is individually adjusted to the animal and functions like a ski binding. For a precise adjustment, the clasp exists in 2 versions: for small cats or kittens of minimum 2kg and for adult cats from 4kg  The setting of the clasp is very simple, you can see the instructions for use at the bottom of the page. The trigger weight of the opening must in no case exceed the weight of the animal. If the cat remains stuck, the CAT-LIFE® clasp must be able to open alone by reacting only to the weight of the animal. If in doubt, adjust the clasp for a slightly lower weight. It is better to lose a necklace than a cat! CAT-LIFE® technology the triggering force is adjustable thanks to the screw in the centre of the clasp. Each successive clockwise mark increases the trigger weight by 200g. A core Nitrid ensures that the clasp CAT-LIFE® will open in accordance with the set weight, lengthwise or sideways. CAT-LIFE® has been tested and approved by EPFL’s “Laboratory of Mechanics and Reliability Analysis”The CAT-LIFE® safety collar. The clamps anti-strangulation cat nylon with the safety clasp CAT-LIFE® are available in several colors. You can choose the one that suits you. The length of the necklaces is adjustable and the collar can adapt to each neck. The collars are weather resistant, do not discolour and do not irritate the cat.

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