PETKIT is a pet-technology company dedicated to designing smart tech products for pets founded in August 2013 PETKIT has rapidly developed into one of the leading technology firms in the pet industry. Reddot design award winners 2016, 2017, 2018. PETKIT products feature latest smart technology for pets health and welbeing for cats and dogs. Smart antibacterial weighs pet bowls, pet activity trackers, one touch travel pet water bottles, smart bluetooth lead track dog walks, 2 way audio interactive pet camera, smart water pet fountain + more Buy now exclusive at official authorised partnership with PetKit Ltd Buy award-winning PETKIT pet technology products desigend for cats and dogs! Shop all PETKIT products
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IF product design award winner Reddot award winner 2016, 2017, 2018. Reddot design award winner 2016, 2017, 2018.
2018 award-winning reddot design winner 2018 PETKIT Cozy Smart Interactive Pet Bed.
Buy award-winning PETKIT Cozy Smart Pet Bed smart temperature control £199.99. – £179.99. ORDER NOW! Reddot design award winner 2018 PETKIT Cozy Smart Pet Bed smart temperature controlled pet bed for a comfortable place to sleep. Using smart temperature controls Cozy Pet bed can create a more comfortable sleeping place according to the ambient temperature of your home. design of the pet house. Not only does this look incredibly stylish offers a better sleeping area that gives a safe sense of security. New! PetKit Cozy Smart Pet Bed £179.99. Connects to the PetKit app Free and can be adjusted using a long-range remote via the app. PetKit Cozy Smart Pet Bed/ House Smart Temperature Control, remote the temperature of the home and humidity sensors work together in the Cosy Pet bed to monitor the device and adjust the temperature automatically, heating up in the winter and cooling down in the summer to ensure that your pet always has a comfortable resting place. Petkit Cozy Smart pet house bed tempreture controll Bed designed for cats and small dogs. Built in sensor A hidden infrared sensor accurately monitors when your pet is in the house or not, recording the use of the pet bed and provides owners with more insight into their pet’s situation. PetKit Cozy temperature controlled pet bed can be adjusted using the Petkit App, with temperature adjustments made on a sliding scale. PetKit Free App It is also possible to turn the Cosy pet bed on and off using the app, meaning you can activate this from work or at home.
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