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Tractive Dog GPS Tracker for Dogs & Cats! Find your Cat or Dog  track GPS for dog & cat tracking. Pet GPS activity monitor attach device to any collar pet finder for Dogs & Cats! 5% off code: PETTECHUK5


Tractive Pet GPS tracker activity monitor for pets and other animals will always let you know where your pet is. Check the location of your dog, cat or any other pet in a browser or using one the free mobile apps for smartphones (iOS, Android). Do you want to get an alert if your Pets leave their designated Safe Zone Tractive Safe Zone is a fantastic feature you don’t want to miss. Tractive enables you to set a virtual fence for your pet. As soon as your pet leaves the Safe Zone, you get an alert directly on your smartphone. Tractive GPS Pet Tracking device helps you locate your dog, your cat or any other Pet anytime, anywhere. With the free Tractive Pet GPS app for smartphones you can see your pets current location in real time. Live-Pet-Tracking: Tractive not only shows you where your pet was a few minutes ago, but also enables you to track your’e pet live over the internet and the Tractive Smartphone Apps.With your Tractive GPS Pet Tracker you will never lose your pet again. with Tractive Live-Tracking you can use the simple Tractive smartphone app or go online to view your pet’s location in real time. A trace is also visible so you can tell where your pet has been and where your four-legged friend is heading so you can bring him/her back home. No matter where you are, you can always view your pet’s location and follow him or her around on adventures. With the Tractive app and the LIVE Tracking feature, the Tractive GPS collar lets you track your pet in real time, and the Virtual Fence feature can be enabled to send you an alert when your furry friend leaves the safe area you have designated. The Tractive dog tracker/pet tracker for cats and dogs is waterproof so you can make sure your pet is safe in any weather. This clever dog finder simply gives you security and peace of mind when your pet is out exploring the world. Live-Tracking Mode will see where your pets real-time location is. Set a Virtual Fence for your pet and receive an instant notification on your smartphone if your pet leaves the safe area. No extra fees will be charged and no electric fence is needed to ensure your pet is safe at all times.


Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Dog Cat Safe-Zone you recieve notifications to alert you if your pet leaves its safe zone? If your dog plays in your neighbour’s garden? If your cat has run out of the town or village? Then Tractive Safe Zone is a fantastic feature you don’t want to miss. Tractive enables you to set a Safe Zone for your pet. As soon as your pet leaves the Safe Zone, you get an alert directly on your smartphone tablet or laptop enabling you to track your pet 24/7. Please note: monthly subscription fee from £3.33 per month. Tractive GPS tracker communicates through cell phone towers to give you 24/7 information on your pet’s whereabouts. For a low fee of just £3.33/ month, you can ensure your pet’s safety. No need to insert a sim card or worry about international roaming. Tractive has got it all covered and you won’t need to worry about any extra fees for activation or receiving messages. Tractive GPS devices use mobile / cellular networks to send the GPS location of your cat or dog to your smartphone. Tractive covers the cost for data communication and only charges a flat service fee. So your dog and cat are safe 24/7 in over 150 countries worldwide connectivity find your lost dog or cat no matter where you are. Pet activity monitoring feature gives you your dogs and cats daily fitness and statistics.The Tractive GPS collar accessory works in over 150 countries.  The pet finder is 100% waterproof, can be used for 2-5 days and recharges in only 2 hours. It’s the ideal accessory for a great new adventure. No hidden fees. There are NO one-time activation charges or any other additional or hidden fees. Tractive service fees are always pre-paid and the service can be stopped / restarted anytime. Supported-Devices, iPhone and iPad iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7; iPad2 or newer (iOS7) Android Smartphones using Android Version 4.1 or newer Windows Phone Windows 8.1 and newer. You can use the Tractive GPS device without a smartphone using website, tablet, laptop and on desktop

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