Tractive Cat GPS Tracker


Tractive Cat GPS Tracker for Cats! Locate your cat with GPS tracking in real-time. Pet GPS designed for cats! 5% off code: PETTECHUK5 expires:


New Tractive Cat GPS Tracker enables you to locate your cat in real-time and info on the activity of your cat so that you know where your cat is and how much your cat is moving during the day. See the exact location of your cat directly on your smartphone or in any browser. Never lose your cat again! Safety first: built-in breakaway collar. LIVE Tracking: track your cat in real-time on your smartphone. Activity Monitoring view your cat’s fitness. Fits neck sizes from 7.5 to 11.8 in (19-30 cm). Recommended for cats above 3.5 kg. Interchangeable battery lasts 2 to 5 days. Virtual Fence (Geofence). Get an instant notification when your pet leaves a defined safe area e.g. garden or neighbourhood. LIVE Tracking get the accurate location of your furry friend, when it matters most. In LIVE Tracking mode, the location will be updated every 2-3 seconds.
Subscription plan Tractive GPS Trackers require a subscription plan. Choose between different options starting at £ 3.33 / month. Track the exact location of your pet LIVE Tracking: Real-time GPS Tracking. Virtual Fence with smartphone alerts. 100% waterproof, Weight: 142g (5 oz). Battery: Up to 2-5 days. Tractive Cat GPS Tracker features adjustable collar, it is suitable for cats with a neck size from 7.5 to 11.8 in (19-30 cm). The total tracker weight (incl. collar) is 50 g, the collar width is 2 cm, and the collar thickness is 3 mm. Location History ever wondered where your pets are when you are not around? Tractive products not only show where your pet is right now, but also where they have recently been. Technical Specifications cutting-edge technologies, Tractive GPS trackers can be located accurately and reliably from almost anywhere in the world whether your pet is in the backyard or on the other side of the globe. 100% Waterproof Tractive GPS devices are IPX7 waterproof and shock resistant. For pets above 3.5kg. Tractive GPS for your smartphone and your browser Apps for ios, Android and Web compatible with iOS 8+ and Android 5.0+.
Subscription plan Tractive GPS Trackers require a subscription plan. Choose between different options starting at £ 3.33 / month. Shop all Tractive GPS Trackers Pet Wearable products for Dogs &


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