Pod 3 Pet GPS Tracker

£149.99 £129.99

Pod 3 GPS pet tracker locate cats & dogs in real-time on your smartphone never loose your pet again! Buy now exclusive at / +44(0)1473-22-11-64 – 5% off code: PETTECHUK5 expires: 30.11.18.


Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker for cats & dogs! Pet gps tracking device for pets even when you’re not around locate your pet in real-time. Attach the small GPS tracking device to any pet’s collar to track them on your phone with the click of a button. Managing your pet’s health and safety has never been easier with escape alerts and activity monitoring. Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker can find your cat and dog in the U.K + over 175 countries around the world global live real-time location GPS pet tracker with escape alerts, activity monitoring & adventure recording. Smallest GPS pet tracker that fits any size collar suitable for both dogs and cats. Designed for pets & pet parents Pod 3 is 100% waterproof includes. 4 tracking technologies allow you to track your pet indoors and outdoors. Cell reception is required for the Pod to communicate back to the app, using 2G & 3G network. Pod 3 Pet GPS Tracker locate Dogs Cats in real-time on your smartphone app never loose pets again!
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