Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl

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Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl is the first smart pet bowl in the world with integrated scales which enables you to control the food and water quantity you give to your pet and controls the food quantity you give to your pet is a major concern. Today, many of our pets suffer from obesity, what may have serious consequences and lead to reducing their lifetime (osteo-articular diseases, intolerance to effort, cardiopulmonary problems, and so on). The intelligent Pet Bowl is a revolutionary product which combines a pet bowl with an electronic scales.You can directly pour food in your pet’s bowl and adjust immediately the food quantity recommended for his diet. Easy and quick programming with LCD screen. Weight indication to within 1 gramm. Graduations in g, ml (liquids), lb:oz, fl’oz. Easy maintenance. 1 liter (approximately 450 grams of dry food) Power supply: 2 LR03 1.5V batteries (not supplied) Material stainless steel container. Available colours black and white.
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